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The GlowArtworks Community

Imagine you are seated at a virtual campfire. The fire is lit. There is a beautiful glow. Please have a seat. This is a circle for artists, consultants, designers, architects and other passionate people to share, explore, collaborate, and purchase curated art from around the world. Think of it as a vision quest.

Meet Our Featured Curator: Rob Kern
Rob Kern

Robert Kern’s interest start in photography began at age eleven and continues to this day.  He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and has studied with many established photographers and artists.  Specializing in interior and architectural photography, Kern’s work has been published in many magazines, books and publications.  He teaches photography and art privately, in adult education classes as well as on-line chats.  Rob also enjoys...

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Artwork Collections by Top Interior Designers
Artwork Collections by Top Interior Designers
Here at GlowArtworks we love seeing custom curated suites of images. Browse image collections from guest curators to get inspiration for your next project. If you are interested in becoming a guest curator, please email info@glowartworks.com.
Top Quality Prints on Premium Papers & Canvases
Top Quality Prints on Premium Papers & Canvases
GlowArtworks offers prints on premium luster fibre paper and cotton-based canvas, ensuring rich, gallery quality prints. All of our printing is done on request and printed to your exact specifications.
Featured Artist Lonny Kalfus
Lonny Kalfus describes his work as, ”Evolving…I get bored of doing the same thing over and over. I always want to do something fresh.” This is evident in his latest body of work, “Folly Beach”. Folley Beach is a collection of graphic, abstract images with subtle hues of grays, greens and blues. Read Lonny's interview.
Recent Installations: Meritus Health System - Hagerstown, MD
Image No. 20130718008RS - Artist: Andrew Levine
Image No. 20130718011RS - Artist: Andrew Levine
Image No. 20130718059RS - Artist: Steven Craig Cook
Image No. 20130718066RS - Artist: Frank T. Smith
Image No. 20130718077RS - Artist: Andrew Levine
Image No. 20130718086RS - Artist: Andrew Levine
Image No. 20130718092RS - Artist: Allan Shoemake
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